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Downtown Kitchener

Peace Of Mind

  • Full-time concierge.
  • Surveillance cameras in select areas of underground garage.
  • In-suite fire alarm speaker (with silencer) and heat detector connected to fire alarm annunciation panel.
  • Fire sprinkler suppression system.
  • In-suite hard wired smoke detector.
  • Electronic access control system for recreation amenities, parking garage and other common areas.
  • Enterphone and camera system in lobby entrance allowing residents to view visitors through dedicated television channel.
  • Full TARION Warranty Coverage.

Subject to paragraph 4 of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale attached hereto, the Vendor shall have the right to substitute other products and materials for those listed in this Schedule or provided for in the plans and specifications provided that the substituted products and materials are of a quality equal to, or better than, the products and materials so listed or so provided. Floor and specific features will depend on the Vendor’s package as selected. Granite, marble and wood (if applicable) are subject to natural variations in colour, veining and grain.

Ceramic tile and broadloom are subject to pattern, shade and colour and lot variations. If the Unit is at a stage of construction which will enable the Vendor to permit the Purchaser to make colour and material choices from the Vendor’s standard Package Selections, then the Purchaser shall have until the Vendor’s date designated by the Vendor (of which the Purchaser shall be given at least seven (7) days prior to notice) to properly complete the Vendor’s colour and material selection form. If the Purchaser fails to do so within such time period, the Vendor may irrevocably exercise all of the Purchaser’s rights to colour and material selections hereunder and such selections shall be binding upon the Purchaser. No changes whatsoever shall be permitted in colours or materials so selected by the Vendor, except that the Vendor shall have the right to substitute other materials and items for those provided in this Schedule provided that such materials and items are of equal quality to or better than the materials and items set out herein.

The Purchaser acknowledges that there shall be no reduction in the price or credit for any standard feature listed herein which is omitted at the Purchaser’s request. References to model types or model numbers refer to current manufacturer’s models. If these types or models shall change, the Vendor shall provide an equivalent model. All dimensions, if any, are approximate. All specifications and materials are subject to change without notice.

Pursuant to this Agreement or this Schedule or pursuant to a supplementary agreement or purchase order the Purchase may have requested the Vendor to construct an additional feature within the Unit which is in the nature of an optional extra (such as, by way of example only, a fireplace); if, as a result of building, construction or site conditions within the Unit or the Building, the Vendor is not able to construct such extra, then the Vendor may, by written notice to the Purchaser, terminate the Vendor’s obligation to construct the extra. In such event, the Vendor shall refund to the Purchaser the monies, if any, paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor in respect of such extra, without interest and in all other respects this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect. E. & O. E. Andrin City Centre One Limited_September 26, 2010